Dynamic Features

Adding dynamic features to your website, such as a blog or interactive flash, creates that WOW factor you've been looking for!

  • Dynamic Website Management with WordPress
  • Search engine friendly
  • High security standard
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Easy management of user rights


  • Interact with your customers
  • Increase search engine exposure
  • Illustrate your expertise

Chat Service

  • Convenient, immediate customer service
  • Drive online sales

Knowledge Base

  • Provide detailed answers to FAQ

News Service

  • Articles & News related to your website

Broadcast Email Service

  • Send with your own server
  • Send from Fancy Media’s server
  • Send using a shared server

Digital Product Animation

  • High-quality 3-D imagery
  • View products from every angle
  • Demonstrate working product parts

User Forms

  • Collect valuable user data
  • Receive direct email inquiries

Survey System

  • Create & edit your surveys
  • Get valuable customer feedback

Software Development

  • Recurring Billing System
  • Reseller Commission System
  • Schedule a Call System

Fancy Media can customize these features to make them work for your business. Check out the dynamic features on our website that are available to you—see it, like it? Use it!

If you’d like a website feature that is not listed here, just ask for it!

For more information, or to get started today, call (757) 638-7101.

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