As a sole practitioner, Attorney Stephen B. Plott personally handles
every case. After practicing law for more than 25 years, Attorney Plott
has the legal knowledge and experience that you want by your side.

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ValueOptions® Inc., the nation’s largest independent behavioral
health care andwellness company, specializes in management
for all behavioral health issues, and mental health and chemical
dependency diagnoses.

Plastic Surgery Specialists – Helena M. Guarda, M.D. is a board
certified plastic surgeon. With the support of a well trained staff
Dr. Guarda’s goal is to help every patient look and feel healthy
and youthful where your wellness is key.

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Mignon Faget – A New Orleans artist and jewelry designer
creates hand-crafted jewelry.

View Portfolio is an Off Campus Housing and Roommate
finder system bridging the gap between landlords, students
and universities.

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Define · Create · Design · Integrate · Accelerate

We customize our Internet Solutions to fit your online development needs! Fancy Media’s Web Development Team will work closely with you to determine what is best for your business, whether it is a basic web page, or a highly interactive ecommerce site that incorporates digital product animation and advanced order processing.

If you’re looking for personal service, and a competitive advantage on the Web, call (757) 638-7101 or email us at our contact page.

Website development using WordPress CMS to allow for greater focus on content and SEO.
We offer design, set up and hosting for single product ventures to companies with thousands of products and as many orders per day.
Fancy Media’s 5 Web Development Phases – make web design efficient, effective, and exciting! a
Even a great website can get lost in the vast world of hypermedia. Web Marketing utilizes artistic and technical media to grab the attention of your target market.