Hold A Kickoff Meeting Before Diving Into The Design

The kickoff phase sets the stage for the success of your product. Without properly conducting this phase, your team might as well be working in the dark. The worst enemy in product development, after all, is ambiguity.  Read more by clicking here.

Why Defining The Product Matters

Because products are so multidimensional, a structured process for defining a product is required for you to consider its emotional, physical and supplemental parts.

The Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting covers a high-level outline of the product’s purpose, who is involved in designing and developing the product, how they’ll work together and stay up to date on progress, and what the intended results or success metrics are.

Concept Maps

Concept maps are another helpful technique to define the tangible and intangible aspects of your product. Concept maps begin with a main idea (or concept) and then branch out to show how that main idea can be broken down into specific topics.

Concept Mockups

As a parallel process, you can also create concept mockups, which are quick sketches that show a product’s overall structure. As described in The Guide to Wireframing, these vary in their level of fidelity, but they’re usually low-fidelity sketches with notes and annotations from others.

Defining Your Vision

In today’s world, products aren’t just the items you hold in your hand at an electronics store. Health insurance, dating apps and even the Internet itself can all be considered products because they all make people’s lives easier.


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